Tuesday, August 4, 2009

You CAN use your Catalina's at Albertsons for the SAME promotion

If you read about my Albertsons trip yesterday I have been proven to be a HUGE LIAR. And, so glad because I am told that you CAN use your $15 catalina's you got for the SAME promotion and STILL get another $15 in Catalina's back!! Sorry to anyone who did the deal and did not try this!! I can still use the Catalina's for meat and produce and am not out anything so no big deal, but it's great to know for next time. If you know the rules for Walgreens you CANNOT do it this way so I just assumed all stores were the same since Catalina's all come from the same place. (At least I think they do.)
Read here for more Albertsons rules:

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