Friday, March 12, 2010

Princess and the Frog

Here are some great deals for Disney's Princess and the Frog movie that is coming out on video on would be a great Easter present!

Monday, March 8, 2010

So Cal Albertsons Twice the Value Coupons

It's a Happy day in So Cal Couponland!!

We got a super surprise in our paper yesterday. I hope you all got one or a few. As I was flipping through I saw an Albertsons ad and on the bottom, Twice the Value coupons!! Why is this so exciting you ask??? Because us So Cal couponers have been asking for these for about a year now. These coupons allow you to double your coupon up to $1.00!! This means lot of FREE stuff if you bought a few papers. www.athriftymom usually has scenarios telling us the best way to use them for the week. I was able to get 6 fruit snacks for free after my manufacturer coupons, twice the value coupons, and my Catalina from last week. And then, I walked away with another $3.50 Catalina that printed from my fruit snack purchase making it a MONEYMAKER.

I know what you are thinking, what a NERD to be excited about something like this. Yes, it is true, but I am a NERD with FREE stuff :)

You are only allowed to use 3 double coupons in one transaction so if you have more and want to use them on the same day you will need to break up the transactions. I don't know the rules very well yet, but when Thrifty Mom posts her ideas for this week she might be able to help us a little further with free stuff. Danielle was able to get Free Cheez Its today at our store. So exciting!!

One more side note. K-Mart will be doubling coupons the first week of April. To read more about that I will refer you back to last years sale.

K-Mart is VERY expensive, but with this sale they allow you to double $2 coupons up to $4 making for a lot of cheap and FREE stuff. usually has a huge list to help us out with that sale so look for that later this month. There are rules with this sale that we can only double 5 coupons in one day. Our local K-Mart was not strict on that rule last time and I was able to do a few transactions, but I don't know how they will be this time. I guess we will have to see how it goes. It's always a game of try it out and see when you are couponing :)

Let me know if you find any great deals with your doublers!!


Thursday, March 4, 2010

Western Center Museum

Update: So it turns out the museum is offering this deal the first Tuesday of every month. So if you missed it this week you can always go later.

The Western Center Museum is in Hemet right off of Domenigoni. On Tuesday March 9 they are offereing free admission to Riverside County Residence from 1-5pm. Normally admission is $8/adult and $6/kid. If you are looking for something to do with the kids these seems like a nice place to visit.

Here Check them out:

"The Western Science Center is one of Riverside County's premiere scientific institutions. It is home to the Diamond Valley Lake collection, containing almost 1 million archaeological artifacts and paleontological specimens. On exhibit from the collection are impressive and record-setting examples of mastodons, Columbian mammoths, and other Ice Age behemoths, as well as important artifacts recording the habitation of Diamond Valley by the Luiseno and Cahuilla peoples and by European settlers.
Explore our permanent exhibitions to see what you'll discover when you visit."

"Ride a bicycle and learn how much energy goes into transportation. Illuminate yourself on the difference between types of light bulbs. Plant a seed and take it home with you!Find out how easy it can really be to make a difference!"

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Canyon Springs Coupon Overview

Welcome Canyon Springs Ward Couponers.
This is the overview of your coupon class.

Budget and Bank account-Debit or Envelope-cash system

  • Decide what your budget is and stick to it. It is O.K. to stay below the mark, but you want to be realistic so you are not going over.
  • Decide if a debit or cash system works better for you. Open a "grocery" account with a debit card only to be used for groceries. Trach your spendings on a spreadsheet.
  • Maybe the "envelope" cash system works better for you so you can see what you have left.

There are coupons for everyone!

  • So many people tell me "there aren't coupons for the items I buy." Don't be brand loyal, if you can get a new hair product for $.50 or FREE try it out. You might find you like it better and you can get it for a better price.
  • Even if you are single or just a couple at home right now, you still need shampoo, razors, soap, etc. You can still stock up maybe 4 items until the next sale comes around so you NEVER have to pay full price.


  • Where to get coupons?-Newspapers (how many papers are best for your family?), printables, peelies, tear pads, mailers.
  • Most weeks you will get a Smart Source and a Red Plum.
  • Coupon Jargon-SS=Smart Source RP=Red Plum P&G =Proctor and Gamble.
  • Clip ALL coupons. Why? (you might be able to make $$ on a product you wouldn't normally buy, which will help you get the things you do need for FREE.)
  • How to organize your coupons-coupon folder, binder, etc.

Preparation to shop

  • Start researching blogs. I recommend picking your favorite 2 and sticking to them. Most of them say the same thing. I use and
  • Make up a scenario sheet for each store you plan to visit, paper clip all coupons to them, store coupons and manufacturer coupons. You want them all in one place.
  • I recommend picking 2 stores a week, you can't get ALL the deals every week.
How many coupons can I use?

  • You can use 1 manufacturer coupon per ITEM. If you have 5 Dove shampoo's you can use 5 Dove shampoo manufacturer coupons.
Stacking coupons

  • What this means is that at most stores you are allowed to use 1 manufacturers coupon and 1 "store" coupon together for 1 item. This is called "stacking." This is most popular at Target and Walgreens, but there are other stores who allow it. Remember you are only allowed 1 Manufacturer coupon per item.
Buying at rock bottom price and stock piling.

  • A couponer NEVER wants to pay FULL price for anything. Sales go on a cycle. I usually stock up 4-6 items that are on sale and I can get cheap or free. I am normally able to find another sale on that item before we are all out.
  • Stockpile, but don't be ridiculous. Part of couponing is being curteous and buying what you think you will need in between sales. It does not mean stocking up on 100 bodywash just because they have them in stock and you have enough coupons to do so. Don't be greedy.

Buy the smallest size the coupon will allow (often you will get items for free).

  • One deal available recently was B1G1 Herbal Essence products. Many people were getting a travel size shampoo and then with their coupon they would get a full size styling product for FREE.
  • I used to buy the biggest laundry detergent, toilet paper, paper towels, etc. Now I buy smaller because I can often get them for cheaper or free.

Get A Rain Check

  • If a store is out of something most of them will give you a rain check. This is great at grocery stores. You have to remember if an item is printing a register reward or offering a rebate, you must get the item within the designated dates of the sales/rebates in order for it to be a good deal.

B1G1 paired with a B1G1 coupon

  • This is the BEST deal! At most stores when they are doing a B1G1 sales you can pair it with a B1G1 coupon to get both for FREE. Please check your stores policies to make sure they allow this. I don't want you to be disappointed if you do all your shopping and then are told no at the register. I have never been turned down on this at my stores, but have read comments on blogs that others have.
Only use your coupon on the item stated, don't try and "get away with it."

  • Most coupons have numbers on them that will "work" for another item of the same brand. For example if you have a coupon for Oreo Cakesters and you want Oreo cookies, you try it and the coupon runs through. GREAT!! NOoooo, not great. We want to be honest and use the coupon for exactly what it states on the front, otherwise stores will not be reimbursed for that item and it is stealing. Don't try and "get away with it."

Coupon-printer-download it to your computer

  • The first time you go to print coupons from a site you will be asked to download "coupon printer" to your computer. It was fairly easy for me, pretty straight forward. I have not had any problems such as viruses or heard of anything happening to anyone's computer because they have coupon printer on it. However, I am not a computer tech so always download at your own risk.

Coupon Fraud-copying printables

  • You are allowed 2 printables per computer. If you have 2 computers hooked up to one printer you will be able to print 2 from each computer for a total of 4 and so on. Photocopying printable coupons is fraudulent. It is illegal. Please do not copy printable coupons and try to use them. You could get into a lot of trouble and stores will not be reimbursed. If people continue to do this I am afraid we are not going to be able to use them at some stores.

Curtousy when couponing

  • Technically if there is no limit at a store you can take as many as you want. When I am teaching friends to coupon I teach, "no clearing the shelves." What I mean by that is that if there are 60 items left I think it is O.K. to take your 4-6 items (sometimes I have taken 10 like in the Target oatmeal deal), but please don't take all 60. If there are 5 on the shelf when you get there and you have 5 coupons you had planned on using I think it's ok, but please use your judgement and be considerate of others who also need the deal that week.
  • No yelling at cashiers when they don't want to do a deal or think they can't. If you know the deal is 100% legit, smile and ask for their supervisor. You don't want them to remember you as the crazy, yelling coupon lady. Most times if you are nice they will remember that next time and maybe you will even give them a quick learning experience on how coupons work at their store. You might even make a friend that will make couponing easier for you each time you go into that store. NO deal is worth ruining your day or the cashiers, or embarrassing yourself and others around you.
Emergency Storage and Food Storage

  • I have NEVER had an emergency/food storage in my life. The only reason was because I never had money leftover in my grocery budget after I got my monthly items. Couponing has allowed me to get 6-12 cans per month from the church cannery. I have now been able to build that amount into my budget. I also only used to have enough to get food and household items for a one month time period. I now have cut my budget by a few hundred dollars and have built an impressive stockpile of canned goods, cereals, boxed mixes, household items, cleaning items and hygiene items. This is how couponing changes your life. We are better prepared for an emergency or disaster and are paying almost half the price!

Walgreens scenarios and rules

(This section is mostly for my reference while teaching. To read the full section on using Register Rewards go here.) It does require some time reading, but she does such an awesome job teaching us. Here is another helpful site regarding Walgreens shopping.

  • What is a Register Reward?
  • How to separate transactions and why?
  • One RR per item usually-pay attention to how it is written in the ad.
  • Filler items and why?
  • Have to pay tax, register will beep if you are down into the tax amount.
  • Sales run from Sunday-Saturday


Rite-Aid rules and tips found here.

(Again below more for my presentation)

  • Single Check Rebates Sign up here.
  • California sales run from Friday-Wednesday.
  • Read rebate deals VERY carefully as to the dates they are good for and how many you are limited to. Usually one item per household.
  • Incentive deals such as P&G Visa card deal, Fall and Winter Gift of Savings.

I don't shop at CVS. Not because I don't like it, but because my store is not really well stocked by the time I can make it there. Other people love CVS and their stores are well stocked. To read more about their program go here.

Don't get overwhelmed.

  • The coupon world is a plethora of information, deals and savings. There is ALWAYS another deal around the corner. Don't overwhelm yourself.
  • BE PREPARED!! Never walk up to a cashier with your basket fumbling through coupons, papers, etc. Have everything neat and tidy for each store you plan on visiting. Clip your coupons to your list, keep them in a little ziploc, a coupon folder, whatever you decide works best for you. But, please don't put the people behind you through watching you fumble through your stuff and get stressed out because you are not ready.
  • Start small with a few coupon transactions a week just to get the feel of it. Figure out which drugstore works best for you.
  • Don't be nervous, if you have researched the deal and it is legitimate, nicely stand your ground.
  • Know that a store might be out of what you plan to get, your scenario might get messed up. Have a back up plan and don't be disappointed if it doesn't work out that day. That product will come around again on a great deal.
  • Practice, practice, practice. You will make mistakes, I still do. You might be sweating, you might have a headache when you leave after 2 hours the first time in ONE store. Don't GIVE UP!! Keep trying and pretty soon you will get it and you will LOVE it! Just for the record I have been supercouponing for a year in March. I have not had a headache walking out, been drenched in sweat, had my heart racing at the register from nerves or walked out disappointed for months now. It does get better. The initial trying it out phase it hard, but keep at it, I promise you that soon you will be an expert if that is your goal.

Monday, February 8, 2010

50% off at San Diego Museums throughout February

"During the entire month of February 2010, individuals can pick up a FREE Museum Month Pass at Macy’s to receive half-off admission at 39 San Diego County museums all month long. Guests with a pass may bring up to three people with them to any participating museum to receive half-off, too."

I called and checked and our Macy's down in Temecula has them. Just go to any register and pick one up.

Here is a list of all the participating Museums:
Adobe Chapel Museum, Barona Cultural Center & Museum, Birch Aquarium at Scripps, Bonita Museum & Cultural Center, California Center for the Arts Escondido Museum (Feb 13-28), Coronado Museum of History & Art, Flying Leathernecks Aviation Museum, Heritage of the Americas Museum, La Jolla Historical Society, LUX Art Institute, Maritime Museum of San Diego, Marston House, MCRD Command Museum, Mingei International Museum, Mingei International Museum North County, and Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego-Downtown and MCASD-La Jolla (Feb. 21-28).

Others participating in the Museum Month program include the Museum of Making Music, Museum of Photographic Arts, Oceanside Museum of Art, Old Town San Diego Historic Park, Reuben H. Fleet Science Center, San Diego Air & Space Museum, San Diego Archaeological Center, San Diego Automotive Museum, San Diego Botanical Gardens, San Diego Hall of Champions Sports Museum, San Diego Historical Society Museum & Research Archives, San Diego Model Railroad Museum, San Diego Museum of Art, San Diego Museum of Man, San Diego Natural History Museum, Tijuana Estuary Visitors Center, Timken Museum of Art, USS Midway Museum, Veteran's Museum & Memorial Center, Water Conservation Garden, Whaley House Museum and the Women’s History Museum and Education Center.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

DVDs on Sale

I was in Temecula this week and the Hollywood Video on Rancho California is closing. It's in the Vons and Target shopping center. Currently they have Previously Viewed DVDs for $7.99 reduced from $14.99. Most of these are recent releases. They also have older DVDs for $9.99 or less. All their new movies are 20%. There may be better deals later, but less selection. I think the closeout sale started Thursday, so there is still a lot of selection.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

January Budget Review

I have always watched A Thrifty Mom share her weekly budget review and have never kept track of mine. I kept track of January and the amount I would have spent before sales and coupons was:
$872.19. I spent $408.71 this month including adding to the stockpile and getting 12 cans of macaroni for our food storage. How did you do? I used to get frustrated seeing that A Thrify Mom could even cut that in half and spend about $200 a month, but then I realized that she lives in Idaho where sales are about $.50-$1.00 better in her stores and they get Albertson's doublers making a lot of her items for free and we do not get those coupons.