Monday, August 24, 2009

Anyone in Menifee/Murrieta found the Glade 2-oz Soy Candles?

Murrieta/Menifee gals, has anyone found the 2-oz soy Glade candles that we have the free coupon for? (In the paper a few weeks back, expires October 3rd.) They look like this. A Thrifty mom found hers at Wal-Mart and I haven't looked there yet. It has been quite scary venturing into ours lately with the remodeling. I have searched Target, Rite-Aid and Walgreens. If anyone finds them at our Wal-Mart please leave a comment and let us know. If I make it there soon I will also take a look.

Albertsons Deals

Ritz at Albertsons

If you printed out all those Kraft coupons a few months ago from and you still have your Ritz cracker coupons, this is the time to use them. Plus, we got a coupon yesterday for Buy one Ritz Crackers, get one Ritz crackerfuls FREE!! Ritz are on sale for $2.50 at Albertsons this week so with your $1 q and Free Q you will pay $1.50 per 2 boxes.

Total before Albertsons card, coupons and Catalina-$26.53
Total after savings-$1.19

Ritz Regular price-$4.39
Crackerfuls reg price-$3.89

Ritz sale price-$2.50 x 3 = $7.50-(3) $1 q's =$4.50
Crackerfuls = Free
Lettuce $1.69
Total = $6.19-$5.00 Catalina from previous deal =$1.19

Friday, August 21, 2009

K-Mart Doubles Sale

Hi Gals,

I just don't have the time to write out all the coupons I printed and had from the paper, but I will share my winnings. Got a LOT for free last night. I promise you if you go to It's Hip to Save and use her K-Mart link you will be able to get a good list from there.

Total before coupons and BIGI K-Mart Sales-$58.39
Total I paid-$11.83

Free items-Toilet Gel, Toilet wipes, Smart Water, Right Guard, Sobe, Paper Plates
Cheap Items- Sunscreen $.49 total for 2
Swimming section is on clearance, though I wasn't impressed with "clearance" prices yet. Maybe will go lower later on.

Total before coupons and BIGI K-Mart sales-$67.89
Total I paid-$16.95

Free items-Smart Water, Dove Deodorant
Cheap items-Toilet Wipes $1 each
Loreal Foundation (original price $10.39 each) paid $1.20 each
Pure and Natural Soap bars ($4.49 each) paid $.49 for 2

Total before coupons and BIGI K-Mart sales-$54.58
Total I paid-$15.40

Free items-Sobe, Dove Deodorant, Sobe water
Money Maker-Renuzit Pearl Scents-Buy $10 worth and get a $3 Catalina (use 4 $1 off, they double and you pay $2, get a $3 cat and make $1) I must warn you though, the KMart Catalina's have a TON of restrictions on them. I got the cat in my first transaction to use in my next one and I wasn't allowed to use it because it excludes BIGI offers.
Cheap items-Clean and Clear Face Wash $.49 for the yellow one, $1.49 for the orange
Bounce Bar sells for $5.49 at K-Mart and I got it for $2.49 with $1.50 coupon from Vocal Point Mailer.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Old Navy Coupons are reset has reset their coupons. You have to click around to find them. The really good ones are gone already, but if you start the movie in the bottom right hand corner and click around between 1:00 and 1:13 of playtime you will get the $5 off $25.00 coupon. Be patient, if it doesn't come up stop the movie, start it again and try again. Sometimes it takes a few times.

K-Mart Doubles and Albertsons Catalina

So sorry girls, this post is SO late!! My computer has been all virused out ALL week. We actually had to pay to get it fixed by McAfee tonight. Anyway, K-Mart is doubling your coupons up to $2. So your $2 coupons are worth $4.00!! As I have said many times, yes K-Mart is expensive, but many of the items that are usually about $2-$2.50 at other stores are around $4.00 at K-Mart, but with your $2 off coupon it is free. So go here. Patiently work your way through It's Hip to Saves K-Mart page and you will find MANY things that are FREE or CHEAPER than you will usually find them. (BY THE WAY OUR STORE DOES NOT HAVE THE MINI TRANSFORMER TOYS RIGHT NOW FOR THE DEAL SHE HAS LISTED. THEY ARE SOLD OUT. PRINT THOSE COUPONS OFF STILL JUST IN CASE THEY GET THEM IN BEFORE IT EXPIRES.) The K-Mart double coupon sale is a LOT of pre-work for me and I spent 2.5 hours in the store tonight shopping, calculating, and separating items into 3 transactions. I had 3 $5 off $50 K-Mart coupons. All this time and effort is VERY worth it. If you can go without children I highly recommend it. Also if there are people behind you make sure you let them go in between your transactions because our K-Mart never has many cashiers working.
I will post tomorrow, but my first transaction was $58.39 and I paid $11.83. Second transaction $67.89 and I paid $16.95. Third transaction was$54.58 and I paid $15.40.
So $180.86 for $44.18.
Will post more about this tomorrow when I have a little more time.
Regarding ALBERTSONS take a look at Save at Home Mommy. They are having a buy $20 worth of certain items and get a $5 Catalina and 50 bonus box top points. You can coupon down below the $20 and still get your Catalinas to print. I do only my deal items in one transaction in case they do not print, then it's easier to figure out what the problem was. If you buy $20 worth and coupon it down lower and your catalina does NOT print out, it should. Many cashiers will tell you it's because you couponed below $20, this is NOT true. I have done the deal this week. Paid only $17.00 after coupons and still got my catalinas.
Happy shopping, hope this helps and more on K-Mart tomorrow. Don't worry, if it's too late for you to prepare and go before the sale ends on Saturday, this doubles deal comes around every few months. This was my 3rd time since March.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Tyson Skillet Creations

Hi Ladies, I printed out the rebate form for a free Tyson Skillet Creations awhile back, but I have not found them yet. I also have a $1 coupon that would make it a $1 money-maker, but it expires on August 20th, tomorrow. If any of you have found them in the Murrieta/Menifee area please let me know. Thanks, Danielle

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

$$ Money Maker At Albertsons $$

Albertson's is running a Kraft Deal right now that if you spend $25.00 in Kraft Items (listed in this post, PLEASE READ THIS POST BEFORE YOU GO SHOPPING) you will get a $5.00 Catalina coupon ($5 towards your next Albertson's purchase) and a $20 rebate from Kraft. If you do not have ANY coupons for any of these items you will get them all for free. If you have coupons for any of them, you will make money!! I printed Ritz, Easy Mac and Kraft Singles coupons in June and saved them. I knew they would come in handy. If you have any of those this is when you should use them. This post from Save at home Mommy has all the weekly deals posted and the Easy Mac coupon link.

As usual I had a WONDERFUL cashier at our Albertson's tonight and she asked where I get my coupons. I gave her our site, hello and thanks if you are visiting!! For all the complaining I do about other stores not knowing what they are doing with our coupons I have to praise our local Albertsons, they are always so courteous and kind and know what they are doing with our coupons. Never a bad experience there :)

(4) Kraft Singles 2/$5 = $10
(2) Ritz Bits Sandwiches 2/$5
Deli Fresh Kraft Provolone Cheese $2.99
Kraft String Cheese Twists $2.99
(4)Kraft Easy Mac cups 10/$10 = $4
(you don't have to get 10 to get that price)
(2) Kraft Velveeta Shells cups 10/$10 = $2

Total before coupons = $26.98
-(2) $1 Q's for Ritz
-(2) $1/2 Easy Mac Q's
-BIGI Easy Mac Q
-(1) $1/2 Velveeta Cups Q
-(2) $1/2 Kraft Singles coupons
Total after coupons = $18.98

Received back $5.00 Catalina
$20.00 Kraft Rebate
$6.02 Money Maker

Also received $1.25 off 1 Post Cereal
$1.00 off Pampers Diapers
$1.00 off Velveeta Shells

The bottom paper is what your Rebate will look like.

Have fun getting paid to shop this week!

Monday, August 10, 2009

$10 kids Jeans at Old Navy

Kids Jeans are $10 at Old Navy this week. If you have kids that are out of the T sizes and are in regular kid sizes you might have recognized that the prices jump a bit. When Ty was in the T sizes I used to be able to get Cherokee's at Target for $7.99. Now that he is in regular kids' sizes it's difficult to find them for less than $16 even at Target so to me the $10 seems like a great deal. Stock up so that your child will have a few pairs. Regular price is $19.50.

Free Air Wick I-Motion Kits at Rite-Aid

Hey gals,

I just got 5 Air-Wick I-Motion kits at Rite-Aid tonight. I had a few more items so I don't know the exact tax you will pay, but it will be a few pennies less than $2.71 total for all 5 if you have 5 papers from yesterday.

For the scenario go here.

Also, thanks to Ambrea for the Albertson's make-up tip. Got 4 Revlon mascara's for $4 total. They are $1.99 and I had $1 off Q's. I went on Saturday night and there were still a few sale items left on the shelf. Mostly mascara's.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Coupon Inserts this Sunday

Go here to read about the inserts for this week.

If we get the GM Smart Source insert it will be a great week to buy lots of papers. I haven't even got last week all cut and organized so I was hoping for a break :)

If we were to get that great GM insert it will most likely come in the LA times so make sure you check your paper before you decide how many and which one to grab.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Awesome Make-Up Sale Albertson's!

Hey girls!
I just happened to see at Albertson's (Antelope/Scott) today that they are having an awesome sale on mascara and lip gloss. They had all sorts of different kinds on sale....L'oreal, Covergirl, Maybelline...actually good kinds not the crappy ones. Ranging anywhere from $1.99-$4.79. Lots of them were right around $2.00!!! Now, unfortunately for me I didn't have any coupons :o( or it would have been way cheaper, but still it was an AWESOME deal!!! I bought a bunch just to try out, cuz it was so inexpensive.

Happy Shopping!


Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Catalina Debate

The Catalina Debate continues. Some gals say that they have used their Catalina coupons towards the same deal that they got them for and more Catalina's will print. (At Albertsons) My friend Jamie told me today that she did a scenario like this earlier this week and another set DID NOT print out. So, I don't want to tell you gals that it will work if it sometimes does not. I am going to continue to NOT use Catalina's towards the same deals I get them for just to avoid hassle and confusion. So it is up to you how you want to go about using your Catalina's. If anyone has success in this situation at our Albertson's I would be happy to know about it.

Kellogg's Coupon Insert

I don't know why I didn't think of this sooner, but I have heard a lot of people that are not happy about the Kellogg's insert not being in their paper this last Sunday. If you would like some of those inserts head on over to ebay and pick some up from a coupon clipping service. With the small amount of $$ that you spend, you will save a ton more.

The LA Times did not carry the Beech Nut FREE jar of baby food coupon so I bought 20 tonight for $4.00. This means I will get 20 jars and after paying for the coupons will get 16 jars for FREE!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Target this week


Attention Menifee/Murrieta ladies. Because of the new Super Target opening I received coupon books with a $5 off $25.00 and a week later a $5 off $50.00 in them. Check your junk mail. Hopefully you got them too.

Before coupons: $55.14
After coupons: $34.39

On an end cap around the shaving section of the Newport target were these Schick Intuition kits for $9.99. Inside was an intuition razor, 4 replacement blades, a water bottle and a Target reusable grocery bag. An EXCELLENT deal I thought for the $9.99, but I had $4.00 off coupons for either a schick intuition razor or refill pack. I talked it over with my cashier because I was a little worried about this being ok ethically. We both read on it that you could use it for either a razor or refill and BOTH were in the kit. If anyone knows that this is not ok I would be interested to know it for future reference. I don't want to tell our readers that this is ok to do if it is not.

3 Schick Intuition Gift Packs-(3)$4.00 off Q (found in 2 past papers) $5.99 each
1 Jewelry Organizer $12.99 (for this)
1 Cinnabon Granola bar $1.75-$1.00 Q here $.75 each
Kotex on Sale $2.70-Target $2 Kotex Q 7/26 and $.75 MC Q 7/26 (remember you can stack Target and MC)=FREE
(Kotex Tampons at our store were $5.54 for 36 ct and there was a $1 Q in 7/26 so they would be $2.54 if you would rather get those.)
1 Boys Shirt $4.00
and subtract my $5.00 off $50.00

Total before coupons:$26.91
I paid: $2.85

3 Kotex manufacturer coupons and 3 Kotex Target coupons as described above
Ivory soap $1.02
1 Market Pantry Apples $3.99-$1 Target Q here
2 Popchips (Aisle 7 in our store, not on chip aisle) $2/$5-$1/2 Target Q found here and (2) $1 MC found here Remember you can stack these and it will be 2/$3
1 Cinnabon granola bars as described above
2 Irish Spring Body Washes ($3.04) coupon found here and stack with the Irish Spring Target Q 8/22 SS to make it $.04 each.
Fabric Softener sheets $.97 (If anyone sees a deal on Downy liquid please pass it along, I am desperate for a deal on it)
and subtract my $5.00 off $25.00 coupon

I had a great experience at our Target store finally. My cashier was awesome. Her register would not take the Target and Manufacturer coupon together and she told me, "I don't think we can take both because the register will not do it." I got out my Target coupon policy and showed her the line where it said this was ok and she said nicely, "Ok, well I will just enter it in if it won't do it itself." And, for the first time ever we didn't hold anyone up behind me, yay :)

You CAN use your Catalina's at Albertsons for the SAME promotion

If you read about my Albertsons trip yesterday I have been proven to be a HUGE LIAR. And, so glad because I am told that you CAN use your $15 catalina's you got for the SAME promotion and STILL get another $15 in Catalina's back!! Sorry to anyone who did the deal and did not try this!! I can still use the Catalina's for meat and produce and am not out anything so no big deal, but it's great to know for next time. If you know the rules for Walgreens you CANNOT do it this way so I just assumed all stores were the same since Catalina's all come from the same place. (At least I think they do.)
Read here for more Albertsons rules:

A Thrifty Mom

My Post made "A Thrifty Mom's" blog!!

Check it out here.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Albertsons 8/3

Albertsons Run 8/3

Before Sales, Club Card and Coupons the lot in these 2 pictures would have cost: $299.04
I paid $79.21 out of pocket
I got back $45.00 in Catalinas
So in true "couponers" math I paid just $34.21 for all of this.

For help go here and here. Thank you, thank you Save at Home Mommy!! Our Albertsons Saving Grace in So Cal!!

They are handing out Albertsons coupon books at our store with the shredded cheese coupon $1.29 each, limit 4, Kens marinades or BBQ sauce $.79 limit 4 (combine that with the coupons from yesterdays paper and get it free), Orange juice 2/$3 and much more.

I am late posting as we have been in Yuma and had people staying with us last night. The deal ends tomorrow night. Hurry, hurry!! If you got your papers yesterday like I suggested you will be able to get a lot of these items for cheap or FREE!! If you need any help please feel free to call me. The Kelloggs coupon page was ONLY in the LA times yesterday, not the Press Enterprise.

A TIP for those of you who are new to couponing and Catalina coupons. A Catalina is the coupon you will get when the ad says, Spend an amount and get an amount back. When you get the $15 back it comes out of a "catalina" coupon printer. You will get this round in 3 $5 coupons. It is ONE offer per TRANSACTION. I had 3 kids with me and don't have enough room in the cart for all of it. Plus, I have to separate transactions to make sure they are all $30 each to get my Cat's. I did 4 transactions and went to the car 3 times because I like to put only my $30 of items in the promotion on one tab. Two times I was at $29 and some change and had to grab one more item. If you are below the $30 your Catalina's WILL NOT PRINT. Another TIP, the $30 is AFTER your Albertsons card, but before your Manufacturers coupons. So for example my transactions were $30 and then I couponed down to $25.69, $28.23, and $22.54. Since I had spent $30 before MC's I got my $15 in Catalinas. VERY IMPORTANT: Do not use your $15 catalina for another transaction on the SAME promotion. Another catalina WILL NOT print out for items that it was earned for.

40 boxes of pop-tarts
19 jars of Ragu
(Expirations on PT-1 year from now)
(Expirations on Ragu-2 years from now)

No we don't eat pop-tarts every day, but when i go to buy them they are anywhere from $2.50-$3.50 a box. I got them for $.50 a box, but then used my Catalina coupons so they were FREE!! Now, I know what you are thinking "THAT'S A LOT OF SNACKS!" I have a storage closet under the pantry for excess food that we get for a great deal so all of this will last us a long time as we use snacks in moderation. Then I will use the rest of my Catalina's ($25.00 left for the week) for meat and produce.

For anyone in my area I did not even come close to clearing shelves. There is a LOT left.

8 boxes cereal
3 Bugles
4 Chex
2 Cake Mix
2 Frosting
2 Break and Bake Cookies
4 marinades
3 butter
1 egg (Free with $25 purchase)
4 shredded cheese
2 orange juice
4 cookie mix
2 Klondike 6 packs
2 Ben and Jerry's cups
2 Nutri grain bars
1 Cinnabon granola bar box
2 Bisquik

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Coupon Inserts today

Looks like an amazing week for coupon inserts. I am getting 10 papers today. There are a lot of coupons that match up with our local Albertsons sales right now.