Monday, August 3, 2009

Albertsons 8/3

Albertsons Run 8/3

Before Sales, Club Card and Coupons the lot in these 2 pictures would have cost: $299.04
I paid $79.21 out of pocket
I got back $45.00 in Catalinas
So in true "couponers" math I paid just $34.21 for all of this.

For help go here and here. Thank you, thank you Save at Home Mommy!! Our Albertsons Saving Grace in So Cal!!

They are handing out Albertsons coupon books at our store with the shredded cheese coupon $1.29 each, limit 4, Kens marinades or BBQ sauce $.79 limit 4 (combine that with the coupons from yesterdays paper and get it free), Orange juice 2/$3 and much more.

I am late posting as we have been in Yuma and had people staying with us last night. The deal ends tomorrow night. Hurry, hurry!! If you got your papers yesterday like I suggested you will be able to get a lot of these items for cheap or FREE!! If you need any help please feel free to call me. The Kelloggs coupon page was ONLY in the LA times yesterday, not the Press Enterprise.

A TIP for those of you who are new to couponing and Catalina coupons. A Catalina is the coupon you will get when the ad says, Spend an amount and get an amount back. When you get the $15 back it comes out of a "catalina" coupon printer. You will get this round in 3 $5 coupons. It is ONE offer per TRANSACTION. I had 3 kids with me and don't have enough room in the cart for all of it. Plus, I have to separate transactions to make sure they are all $30 each to get my Cat's. I did 4 transactions and went to the car 3 times because I like to put only my $30 of items in the promotion on one tab. Two times I was at $29 and some change and had to grab one more item. If you are below the $30 your Catalina's WILL NOT PRINT. Another TIP, the $30 is AFTER your Albertsons card, but before your Manufacturers coupons. So for example my transactions were $30 and then I couponed down to $25.69, $28.23, and $22.54. Since I had spent $30 before MC's I got my $15 in Catalinas. VERY IMPORTANT: Do not use your $15 catalina for another transaction on the SAME promotion. Another catalina WILL NOT print out for items that it was earned for.

40 boxes of pop-tarts
19 jars of Ragu
(Expirations on PT-1 year from now)
(Expirations on Ragu-2 years from now)

No we don't eat pop-tarts every day, but when i go to buy them they are anywhere from $2.50-$3.50 a box. I got them for $.50 a box, but then used my Catalina coupons so they were FREE!! Now, I know what you are thinking "THAT'S A LOT OF SNACKS!" I have a storage closet under the pantry for excess food that we get for a great deal so all of this will last us a long time as we use snacks in moderation. Then I will use the rest of my Catalina's ($25.00 left for the week) for meat and produce.

For anyone in my area I did not even come close to clearing shelves. There is a LOT left.

8 boxes cereal
3 Bugles
4 Chex
2 Cake Mix
2 Frosting
2 Break and Bake Cookies
4 marinades
3 butter
1 egg (Free with $25 purchase)
4 shredded cheese
2 orange juice
4 cookie mix
2 Klondike 6 packs
2 Ben and Jerry's cups
2 Nutri grain bars
1 Cinnabon granola bar box
2 Bisquik


  1. WOW! I am hoping to get out tomorrow to shop! Great pics. Thanks!

  2. I did that today too!!! I had so much fun and I thought of you the whoel time!!! I am gonna post my buys too. They are not as good as yours. I still have some tricks to learn I think.

  3. You and another friend of mine are the two other posts I was talking about. Both of you bought about $300 worth of stuff and paid way less than I did. You must have had more doublers and other coupons than I did or maybe I just need to learn how to do it better. Wish you were here to help me!!