Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Target this week


Attention Menifee/Murrieta ladies. Because of the new Super Target opening I received coupon books with a $5 off $25.00 and a week later a $5 off $50.00 in them. Check your junk mail. Hopefully you got them too.

Before coupons: $55.14
After coupons: $34.39

On an end cap around the shaving section of the Newport target were these Schick Intuition kits for $9.99. Inside was an intuition razor, 4 replacement blades, a water bottle and a Target reusable grocery bag. An EXCELLENT deal I thought for the $9.99, but I had $4.00 off coupons for either a schick intuition razor or refill pack. I talked it over with my cashier because I was a little worried about this being ok ethically. We both read on it that you could use it for either a razor or refill and BOTH were in the kit. If anyone knows that this is not ok I would be interested to know it for future reference. I don't want to tell our readers that this is ok to do if it is not.

3 Schick Intuition Gift Packs-(3)$4.00 off Q (found in 2 past papers) $5.99 each
1 Jewelry Organizer $12.99 (for this)
1 Cinnabon Granola bar $1.75-$1.00 Q here $.75 each
Kotex on Sale $2.70-Target $2 Kotex Q 7/26 and $.75 MC Q 7/26 (remember you can stack Target and MC)=FREE
(Kotex Tampons at our store were $5.54 for 36 ct and there was a $1 Q in 7/26 so they would be $2.54 if you would rather get those.)
1 Boys Shirt $4.00
and subtract my $5.00 off $50.00

Total before coupons:$26.91
I paid: $2.85

3 Kotex manufacturer coupons and 3 Kotex Target coupons as described above
Ivory soap $1.02
1 Market Pantry Apples $3.99-$1 Target Q here
2 Popchips (Aisle 7 in our store, not on chip aisle) $2/$5-$1/2 Target Q found here and (2) $1 MC found here Remember you can stack these and it will be 2/$3
1 Cinnabon granola bars as described above
2 Irish Spring Body Washes ($3.04) coupon found here and stack with the Irish Spring Target Q 8/22 SS to make it $.04 each.
Fabric Softener sheets $.97 (If anyone sees a deal on Downy liquid please pass it along, I am desperate for a deal on it)
and subtract my $5.00 off $25.00 coupon

I had a great experience at our Target store finally. My cashier was awesome. Her register would not take the Target and Manufacturer coupon together and she told me, "I don't think we can take both because the register will not do it." I got out my Target coupon policy and showed her the line where it said this was ok and she said nicely, "Ok, well I will just enter it in if it won't do it itself." And, for the first time ever we didn't hold anyone up behind me, yay :)

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