Thursday, August 20, 2009

K-Mart Doubles and Albertsons Catalina

So sorry girls, this post is SO late!! My computer has been all virused out ALL week. We actually had to pay to get it fixed by McAfee tonight. Anyway, K-Mart is doubling your coupons up to $2. So your $2 coupons are worth $4.00!! As I have said many times, yes K-Mart is expensive, but many of the items that are usually about $2-$2.50 at other stores are around $4.00 at K-Mart, but with your $2 off coupon it is free. So go here. Patiently work your way through It's Hip to Saves K-Mart page and you will find MANY things that are FREE or CHEAPER than you will usually find them. (BY THE WAY OUR STORE DOES NOT HAVE THE MINI TRANSFORMER TOYS RIGHT NOW FOR THE DEAL SHE HAS LISTED. THEY ARE SOLD OUT. PRINT THOSE COUPONS OFF STILL JUST IN CASE THEY GET THEM IN BEFORE IT EXPIRES.) The K-Mart double coupon sale is a LOT of pre-work for me and I spent 2.5 hours in the store tonight shopping, calculating, and separating items into 3 transactions. I had 3 $5 off $50 K-Mart coupons. All this time and effort is VERY worth it. If you can go without children I highly recommend it. Also if there are people behind you make sure you let them go in between your transactions because our K-Mart never has many cashiers working.
I will post tomorrow, but my first transaction was $58.39 and I paid $11.83. Second transaction $67.89 and I paid $16.95. Third transaction was$54.58 and I paid $15.40.
So $180.86 for $44.18.
Will post more about this tomorrow when I have a little more time.
Regarding ALBERTSONS take a look at Save at Home Mommy. They are having a buy $20 worth of certain items and get a $5 Catalina and 50 bonus box top points. You can coupon down below the $20 and still get your Catalinas to print. I do only my deal items in one transaction in case they do not print, then it's easier to figure out what the problem was. If you buy $20 worth and coupon it down lower and your catalina does NOT print out, it should. Many cashiers will tell you it's because you couponed below $20, this is NOT true. I have done the deal this week. Paid only $17.00 after coupons and still got my catalinas.
Happy shopping, hope this helps and more on K-Mart tomorrow. Don't worry, if it's too late for you to prepare and go before the sale ends on Saturday, this doubles deal comes around every few months. This was my 3rd time since March.

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