Friday, August 21, 2009

K-Mart Doubles Sale

Hi Gals,

I just don't have the time to write out all the coupons I printed and had from the paper, but I will share my winnings. Got a LOT for free last night. I promise you if you go to It's Hip to Save and use her K-Mart link you will be able to get a good list from there.

Total before coupons and BIGI K-Mart Sales-$58.39
Total I paid-$11.83

Free items-Toilet Gel, Toilet wipes, Smart Water, Right Guard, Sobe, Paper Plates
Cheap Items- Sunscreen $.49 total for 2
Swimming section is on clearance, though I wasn't impressed with "clearance" prices yet. Maybe will go lower later on.

Total before coupons and BIGI K-Mart sales-$67.89
Total I paid-$16.95

Free items-Smart Water, Dove Deodorant
Cheap items-Toilet Wipes $1 each
Loreal Foundation (original price $10.39 each) paid $1.20 each
Pure and Natural Soap bars ($4.49 each) paid $.49 for 2

Total before coupons and BIGI K-Mart sales-$54.58
Total I paid-$15.40

Free items-Sobe, Dove Deodorant, Sobe water
Money Maker-Renuzit Pearl Scents-Buy $10 worth and get a $3 Catalina (use 4 $1 off, they double and you pay $2, get a $3 cat and make $1) I must warn you though, the KMart Catalina's have a TON of restrictions on them. I got the cat in my first transaction to use in my next one and I wasn't allowed to use it because it excludes BIGI offers.
Cheap items-Clean and Clear Face Wash $.49 for the yellow one, $1.49 for the orange
Bounce Bar sells for $5.49 at K-Mart and I got it for $2.49 with $1.50 coupon from Vocal Point Mailer.

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