Saturday, May 2, 2009

Walgreens Cashier

I had a FANTASTIC experience at the Newport Walgreens today!! I have not had a bad experience yet, but today was the best. I met a cashier named Melissa who is a fellow couponer and she knows the Register Rewards Rules!! All of them. She knows about the fillers and that another RR will print if you use an RR to pay for the item. I used an RR that she said must have been tied to what I was buying because the $5 RR that was supposed to print out did not. She took all the items back and did a return and ran another one of my $5 RR's through and it worked. I felt like I had won the couponer's lottery finding a cashier that knows the system that I am trying to learn, yay!!! And, she was so patient with me. I gave her our blog so that she could read it and the others that are linked to us. Hopefully it will help her out. So if you are trying to learn the system and need a patient cashier just look for Melissa at the register in the make-up department.-Amber

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