Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Target Coupons

Target Printable Coupons
Hey gals. I went out on an adventure to Target tonight with no kids. It's SO much calmer by yourself when you can actually calculate and figure out your deals. I figure things out before I leave, but often the prices at Target are different than a lot of the gals have posted on their sites. Most times other areas have lower prices than we do, that's a bummer. I did find get Ritz crackers for $.99, a box of the 100 calorie pack snacks for free, 4 Barbecue sauces for free, the individual easy mac for $.27 each. (Check the link in the Kraft coupon post below to find out how I did it. She has the coupons to use listed and how to get them.) Here is the sad part of my trip. Here I have NO kids and I am enjoying my shopping and...some of my Target coupons refused to scan. No matter what the gal did they just would not beep. So I had her take off those items. (The smartfood popcorn, Ranch dressing, and one of the 100 calorie packs, darnit.) She said that they cannot punch in the numbers on the printables that they have to scan. The other day a lady did punch them in for me so I do not know the real policy. I emailed Target and hopefully they will tell me what their policy is on this. I don't understand how some of my Target printables scanned and others did not. I printed them all today with a new ink cartridge. I printed out the ones that didn't work in color tonight and will make it back to try again later this week. I was planning on trying again anyway because the snack pack boxes were pretty much cleaned out. I wanted to see if they will restock them. Some of the items that do not match up with some of the posts we have read were the Ranch dressing, the Crystal Light and the Ritz Crackers. The regular size Ranch was $2.29, not $1.59 as posted (there is a smaller one for $1.79 though), the Ritz Crackers are $2.99, not $2.04 and the Crystal Lights were $3.99, not $2.99. Hopefully this information helps you if you are planning a trip out for the sale items at Target this week. In the end I got 2 boxes of Ritz, 8 single packs of Easy Mac, 1 100 calorie box, Quaker True Delight Granola Bars, 4 Kraft BBQ sauce, 2 Kraft Shredded Cheese, and 2 Beef Jerky for $11.00. Would have been $4.50, but my husband insisted on Jerky for the Father son outing.

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