Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Rebate Checks

Rebates do Work!

Due to past experiences with rebates I was very skeptical to even try them again. You know the drill, fill out the paperwork, send in the original receipt, send in UPC codes, send this, send that and then you get a notification that you didn't so something correctly or didn't send something they asked you to in the fine print. I haven't done rebates for SO long. Then when I started shopping at these drugstores I thought I would give it a try again. Walgreens ended their Easy Saver Rebate program unfortunately, but Rite Aid still has theirs going. I was also very nervous to spend $70 upfront for the Staples paper and wait for a $60 return. They followed through though, no problems. I also received a $5 check from filling out a survey after I purchased a Digiorno flatbread melt. They had blinkies at Albertsons making one $1.50 so I decided to try one. At the register out popped a paper to fill out a survey for $5. I made $3.50 on the deal. Keep your eyes peeled for things like this when your receipt pops out. Sometimes you will be surprised!

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