Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Thanks to my friend "menjiness" for the Vitamin Water post. She likes to speak in code in her blogging for privacy. I invited her to join our blog yesterday as she is a way better savvy shopper than I. Stay tuned on how I got 20 cans of Pringles for $.38 each today! And, I just got my Albertsons ad and am going crazy over the doublers on the back. (You can double store coupons with your Manufacturer coupons, did you know that?) Hopefully I can get some deals together for tomorrow and maybe find some more ideas from Frugal Mommy who I found yesterday. She is a fellow So Cal Albertsons shopper which was hard to find. Albertsons ads are different across the country so I am hoping ours match up with hers, depending on the area she is in they might. A shout out to her, thanks for the great Albertsons cereal deals! And, I forgot to tell you on my comment Frugal Mommy I am so sorry that your Albertsons checkers are stinkers. We have been blessed here to have wonderful checkers. Hopefully yours will get better!! It's sad that you have to drive instead of going to the one you can walk to!!

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  1. Hey there! It is completely fine to call me Desiree :) I probably will not be talking about my kids here unless they are holding up great deals :)

    Thanks for the welcome!