Friday, April 17, 2009

K-Mart Double Coupons Sale

K-Mart Doubling Sale

K-Mart apparantly has a double coupons sale every year. It is next week. I emailed K-Mart and our stores are participating. They said they are doubling coupons up to $2. I am not understanding if that means they will double up to $2 or double a $2 coupon up to $4? This was the exact line from the email: "We will double up to the $2.00 face value of a coupon, not to exceed the retail value of a single item." If anyone smarter than me knows if that means it will be worth $2 or $4 please let me know. We can only use 25 coupons a day at our store. Any excess change from using your coupons will not be given back to you as cash so make sure you get enough items that you will not be left with them owing you change. Use it to your advantage with product. I wish that the sales would start Monday as we are a disadvantage with it starting Sunday, but I am sure there will be a lot left. I don't shop at K-Mart, but a lot of the expert savers say that it is more expensive than most places. So, I would advise following lists compiled by blogs on the right of our blog in order to get the most savings.

It's hip to save has compiled a list of mega savings, most items free. I am not really in the market for anything, but if I can get free items to store that is what I am going to do.

I promise I will learn to "hotlink" soon for anyone that is annoyed by me putting the whole link up.

Happy Shopping!


  1. o yes, I am so annoyed that you put up the whole link... Will you please learn how to hotlink. Youre driving me CRAZY! J/K

  2. In the past they have doubled up to $2 coupons (meaning you can get up to $4 off) so I assume it's the same this time around. Just beware that things fly off the shelves early! I've hit a couple of these Kmart doubles and rarely walk away with anything cuz I think a lot of people clean them out on Sundays. :(

  3. Just got off the phone with Kmart customer service... They will only double coupons up to $2 FACE VALUE. So like Marie said. If you have a $2 coupon it will double to $4! But if you have a coupon for anything above $2 it will not double.