Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Target Deals


Not very impressive load at Target, but a few great savings. Some bloggers were listing the All Small and Mighty at $2.99 at Target, but ours was only marked down to $4.54. A while back there was a day you could print a MC off the web for $1/1 and then print the Target on and stack. So it was $2.54 today.

V8 Fruit Fusion Juice $2.99, but you can print a $2 coupon. I would never, ever buy a tiny juice like that for $2.99, but for $.99 it's worth trying. Juice deals are hard to come by. If you go to Frugal Mommy's Target deals for the week she has the links you can print from. They say they are only for certain flavors, but our Target didn't have those so they let me use them for what they had.


Mustard-$1.17-$.50 MC

Progresso Bread Crumbs-$1.79-$1/2 MC

Total: $17.12

Total after Savings: $10.93

Also listed on other blogs were Dove deodorant on clearance or sale to use with coupons. Ours does not have them listed low. Secret is at $2.19 and you should have $2 off coupons for the Secret Flawless. I did not try and see if they would work though so not sure.

One VERY important note about stacking coupons at Target. NONE of the cashiers at ours know that you can do this. When they try and scan the second coupon their machine tells them that this item is not purchased or something like that. Their screen won't let them take it without them hitting another button. If they don't know this policy they have to check with their supervisor. Be patient and tell them that you are allowed to stack a Target coupon and a Manufacturers coupon. Even if it's only for a dollar one trip just be patient. We have to teach them :) The supervisor comes over and says yes, it's a target and an MC it's ok. If you see a young girl named Veronica go to her. She was my cashier and she said they don't have a lot of people that come in with coupons so now she knows that rule. Come on ladies, get those Target coupons going!!

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