Thursday, April 9, 2009


Albertsons Weekly Ad
I am sorry to report that although I am usually thrilled with the Albertson weekly sale I am not impressed this week. When I saw the coupons on the back of the ad I was excited. After taking some time to look it over though I feel like it's a trick. The items listed on the back with the coupons are higher than my price point (what I am willing to pay) because I know that other Albertsons sales in the past combined with coupons can be lower. They are saying "free eggs," but the sale is not as low as I like it to be so I feel like I would be paying for the "free" eggs. Hopefully that makes sense. There are 24 different scenarios listed in coupons in this ad to get free eggs. If you need some of this stuff maybe this sale works for you.
I will pick up the Crystal Geyser water 24 pack at $2.99. Maybe 2. This is an excellent price. We don't drink bottled water anymore so I grab one or two for our food storage every time it is on sale this low. I also love it when the shredded cheese is 3/$5. Remember you must take your ad that you received in your mailbox to take advantage of these coupons. I have forgotten mine before and the ads in the store don't usually have these coupons on the front of them. Ralphs does, but I haven't had any luck with Albertsons having them. Don't forget to swipe your Albertsons card. If you don't have one it is very easy, just a sign up.
If you have Pillsbury Manufactured coupons you can get the grands rolls which are 10 for $10 for $.85 each depending on how many you have. Something important to note on the 10/$10 sales: most of the time on these sales you don't have to get 10 of the item. The register is set to ring up at the sale price. This week will probably be no different, however you have to follow the rules on the coupon to get the free eggs. So if you want those you must get 10 this week.
The "Frugal Mommy" blog has some more of the sale items listed on her blog if you need further assistance this week.



  1. That is funny because I spent $35 and got some much needed things.

    4 dozen eggs, 2 mayos, 2 ojs, 3 pop tarts, 2 ready to bake cookies, 3 shredded cheeses, 2 arm delights minis and chicken strips a piece of dinner tonight. It would have been under $30 but the dang chicken sent it over.
    OH WAIT! I forgot about the flat of water that is in the garage now. Add that to the picture too.

  2. Hi! Rachael @ Frugal Mommy here... I completely agree. This week was most unimpressive as far as sales go. Even at Vons! I was wondering if you know how to "hot link" as they call it? Where you highlight a word you want to link to an outside website. For example, it would be easier to hot link "Frugal Mommy" so people can click on those words, and it would take them directly to the page you want them to. For ex. my Alberstons Deals of the Week post. If not, I'd be more than happy to explain it and show you how. Just email me!