Monday, January 4, 2010

Walgreens Trip January 4

Walgreens Today
2 packs toilet paper
8 packs Electrasol
10 packs cookies
6 Reach toothbrushes
3 Bayer Crystals
1 Abreva
2 Childrens Motrin
4 Reach Floss
2 Bayer Meters
10 boxes Nabisco cookies
3 packages Kraft Singles (not pictured)
Numerous $.12 pencils (filler items)

After many transactions and 2 patient cashiers my totals today were:

Before coupons: $160.56
Out of Pocket after sales and coupons: $29.11
Total Register rewards earned: $34.00
Profit made: $4.89

All these deals are listed on Hip2Save and Southern Savers
Any local gals who have questions please call or email me.
I shopped at 2 different Walgreens for Electrasol and did not clear the shelves. However, I did promise to tell you how many were left at Newport, but I forgot to check because I had called ahead and they were holding 4 for me. With this being such a hot item this week I would Strongly suggest calling first to see if they have any left. They are FREE after coupon from yesterdays LA Times and RR at Walgreens. If they are all out, they are $3.49 at Target this week and with the $2.50 from paper yesterday you would pay $.99.

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