Monday, October 26, 2009

Walgreens this week

Dove at Walgreens

Many of you are still asking "HOW DID YOU DO THAT!!??" So I thought this would be a perfect illustration. This is a great deal at Walgreens. And, for those of you who laugh at me for buying 4 papers, you won't be laughing anymore after this :)

This week at Walgreens Dove Shampoo and Conditioner 12 oz bottles are $4.99 and it is Buy one, Get one Free. So they are $2.49 each. Better than even the Wal-Mart price, but then add your coupons to that. I had 4 $1 off Shampoo, 2 $1 off any Dove Hair Care product and 2 $1.50 off Conditioner. Walgreens is also running a Catalina deal through Friday: $2 RR wyb (4), $6 RR wyb (6) or $10 RR wyb (8) Dove Products. Combine that with 2 $8 Register Rewards I had from last week and throw in the Halls Refresh for $1, Chapstick for $2.99, toothpaste $2.99 and a filler item to cover one of the Register Rewards from beeping (remember you can only have one manufacturer coupon per item, your Register Reward is a manufacturer's coupon so you must have a "filler" item for the Register Reward. It doesn't matter how much the item is and does not have to be the amount your register reward is for, it just has to fill that spot so the register doesn't beep telling the cashier you have too many coupons.) The reason I chose the Halls, Chapstick and toothpaste are because I had $16 worth of Register Rewards to spend and I had coupons for every item except the chapstick. These items all gave me Register Rewards back. So I spent $.73 out of my pocket and got back $10, $3, $1, and $1 in Register Rewards. My tax was $2.38 which is the big difference than some of the other bloggers we see. CA tax is so HIGH!!

So here is the breakdown:

4 Dove Shampoo $9.98
4 Dove Conditioner $9.98
Chapstick Fresh Effects $2.99
Colgate Toothpaste $2.99
Halls Refresh $1.00
Halloween bag (filler item) $.29
Total: $27.23

I used: (2) $8.00 RR from last week
(4) $1.00 off Dove Shampoo
(2) $1.00 off Dove Product
(2) $1.50 off Conditioner
(1) $.75 off Colgate
(1) $.75 off Halls

Total: $.73 + $2.38 tax = $3.11

Register Rewards back: (1) $10.00 from Dove
(1) $3.00 from Chapstick
(1) $1.00 from Colgate
(1) $1.00 from Halls

Total back: $15.00

Transaction #2

2 bags Doritos 2/$6
Filler bag $.29
Used: $3 RR
$1 RR
$1 RR

Total: $1.29 + $.03 tax = $1.32

$10.00 RR leftover for next week

I realize that most of you will not have 8 dove coupons right now and you are not starting with $16.00 in Register Rewards. BUT, I had to spend a little to make a little as always so I will continue "rolling" those as long as I can. I just wanted to illustrate an example of why you should buy more than 1 paper and how you can keep those RR's rolling. Remember you cannot pay for items of the same brand with a Register Reward of that brand and get another Register Reward back. For example you cannot buy another set of Dove shampoo's and use your register reward that you got for the first batch and get another $10 RR back. They have to be from different companies to get another RR to print.
Good Luck gals!! Amber

One more note, our Newport Walgreens is not always well stocked on these popular multiple item sales. If you go there and they don't have what you need I would suggest calling ahead to the Winchester Rd. Walgreens. They do an excellent job stocking and the manager is AMAZING!! If you have problems with the RR not printing out and it's the right deal he doesn't question it AT ALL. He takes your items, runs a fake transaction and gives you the RR

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