Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Rite Aid soap and toothpaste

Rite Aid on Hot Springs has a few tubes of Colgate Whitening "Oxygen Bubbles" toothpaste on their counters for 99 cents. They said they are not in the ad, just trying to get rid of them. I am just sitting down for a second to write this so I don't have time to check if there are Colgate Whitening coupons out, but there usually are. They also had the Ivory soap 3 packs on sale for $1. I am not sure if they are in the ad or if it was just that store and I grabbed the 3 that were left for the project we are doing. But, the reason I am writing this is because if anyone out there has time could you please call our Newport store and ask if they are selling either for these prices this week and if there are any left. That way more of you gals can pick them up for the Enrichment Project. If anyone finds out anything would you please post it or leave a comment. I would usually do it, but I really am in a rush to get dinner for the kids, get them off to baseball, drop them with hubby, get to the dentist myself for a night appt. and then out to the hospital to visit a friend. Thanks! Amber

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