Monday, July 20, 2009

Walgreens Trip

Before sales prices, coupons, and Register Rewards this would have cost:


I paid: $16.37

Go here to put together your Walgreens savings for the week.

Note for Kleenex: The coupon in the Walgreens ad is limit 3, I had coupons for $.50/2. I had to do 4 separate transactions with the Kleenex. It was a pain, but well worth it because including tax, I paid $.72 a box. Scotch tape was the best deal this week $.39 a roll and I had 4 $1/3 coupons so I paid $.17 total for 3 rolls. Dawn soap $.49, paper plates $.50 each. You can find the dates for these coupons on the site I linked above.

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