Monday, July 13, 2009

$.99 Electrasol Dishwasher Tabs or Gel Pacs

I hope you gals got a few papers yesterday. Certain boxes of Electrasol Tabs and Gelpacs are on sale at Target for $3.49 each. There was a $2.50 coupon in Smart Source yesterday. It was only in the LA times paper Smart Source though, not the Press Enterprise. I am finding that the really good ones don't often make it to the press. They still have the Smart Source, but sometimes not the really high saving coupons. Anyway, the Newport Target was pretty wiped out when I got there. I mixed and matched and was able to get 5 for $6.48. They did have a few boxes left of the tabs and a few of the gelpacs. If you have these coupons, I would try the new Target or go bright and early after they have stocked and night and see if they have more.

**I just had a thought...I bet if you take your Target ad to Wal-Mart they will price match for you** This will be a hot item this week at Target so if you don't need anything else there I bet Wal-Mart is stocked with this item.

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