Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Walgreens Trip Today
(this is a repost from April for new readers to learn the rules for using Register Rewards at Walgreens)

Total before coupons = $73.00

Total after coupons = $17.26

Register Rewards for next week=$5.00

This is an EXCELLENT week at Walgreens for anyone who is getting started. I had $5 RR going into it. I was a little disappointed because my game plan was messed up from the start. They didn't have any of the Ecotrin pain reliever left. This was a $2 money maker. I actually got it from another Walgreens on the way home. If you are starting out without any RR's I would suggest a first transaction of the Nivea Body Wash. You will pay $4.99+tax oop to get you started, but you will get a $5 RR and then you can start rolling them. What that means is that you can buy other items that produce and RR with the $5 RR you get from the Body Wash.

Most Walgreens cashier's do not know these things.

1. If you buy an item and use a Manufacturer's coupon for an item that is advertised to produce an RR, the RR for the item SHOULD still print out.

2. If you pay for an item that is supposed to print an RR with an RR from a DIFFERENT item another RR SHOULD still print out. So for example. I used my Nivea Body Wash RR to pay for my Schick Intuition Razor and my $3 RR for the razor still printed out. (Cashier's will try and tell you it won't work. They think this because if you try and use your RR for your Nivea to purchase another Nivea the RR will not print out. If you keep track of what your RR was from and use it for a different product, it should work. If I am saving it for another week I usually write on them what they were for.) I know this is all VERY confusing if you have not shopped at Walgreens, however once you start playing with it you will get the idea. It takes a few times and a few mistakes, but it comes with time. You can always ask me questions.

3. Another VERY important thing to note is that the RR is considered a Manufacturer's coupon. So if you have a Manufacturer's coupon for each item that you are buying and some RR's you must have 1 item per 1 coupon. So if you don't have the right ratio the register will beep because you have too many coupons. You need to use what is called a "filler" item. This is just a cheap item to count as your 1/1 ration with your RR's. Some of the ladies blogs that I read say to get a small candy item such as $.05 caramels. I cannot find anything that cheap at ours. My kids like the cheese and cracker snacks that they have for $1 and I like gummi bears so that is what I chose today.

4. One lady whose blog I read said to use your RR coupons first. They are the highest and you want to use the most $$ amount first. Then use your Manufacturer's coupons from there. Once you get into the tax the coupons will beep because you HAVE to pay the tax.

I REALLY hope you can understand what I have tried to explain. It is SO confusing if you have not played around with the coupons and RR's at Walgreens.

Walgreen's Deals - A Thrifty mom found here and Southern Savers found here. I personally love the "working Walgreens" section at the bottom of Southern Savers. Thank you to those gals for getting such amazing lists every week.

My favorite deal of this week was the Campbell's Soup. There was a coupon in the Walgreen's ad for $.59 each (limit 6) and a printable. You could only print 2 Campbell's coupons from each computer, but that made each can $.09 each.

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