Sunday, September 13, 2009

Rite Aid Gift of Savings

Go over here to It's Hip2Save to read about Rite Aids Gift of Savings program. With all the baby items I am going to buy in the next 2 weeks I will spend about $15-$20 after coupons and qualifty for the spend $100 get $20 back certificate. I will post as I go so you get an idea of how it works.

September 23-more news about Gift of Savings

When you shop at Rite Aid between the dates of 9/13-10/17 you need to enter EVERY receipt into your SCR account. Even if you are not buying anything with a rebate. Your total spent goes into your Fall Gift of Savings Rebate account. You still enter in your receipts in your SCR account. BUT, to see where your Fall Gift of Savings total is click on the Fall Gift of Savings blue box on the left side of your screen. Then click on detailed status. This will show you the amount you have towards your rebate. When you spend $25-$50 you get $5 back, $51-$100 you get $10 back, over $100 you get $20 back!! And your total is before coupons!! Before coupons my total is $138.00 and I spent roughly $30 out of pocket to reach this mark. (I also had $20 Rite Aid Gift Card from a previous promotion.) I will get $20 back. Please ask if you have any questions regarding the rebate program.

Please note that most items that are on the rebate list are limit one offer per household. I was able to set up an account in my mom's name with her address and submit a second rebate for the diaper deal this week.

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